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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to recommend appointment of Mihály Patai as deputy governor of the National Bank of Hungary

According to the Act on the National Bank of Hungary, the person nominated for the office of deputy governor is to be heard by Parliament’s Economic Committee, and therefore the Prime Minister asked Speaker of the House László Kövér to take action for the hearing of Mr Patai before the committee, Mr Havasi reported.

In his letter, Mr Orbán points out that the six-year mandate of Ferenc Gerhardt as deputy governor of the National Bank of Hungary for statistics and financial infrastructure will expire on 21 April.

Therefore, the Prime Minister intends to recommend Mr Patai’s appointment effective as of 22 April, the Deputy State Secretary heading the Press Office of the Prime Minister said.

Mihály Patai is the President of the Hungarian Banking Association and Chair-Chief Executive of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.