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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to return from holiday on Tuesday

Mr Orbán’s first official programme will be a meeting with Matteo Salvini, leader of the Italian government party Northern League (Lega Nord), who also holds the office of interior minister. The meeting will be held on Tuesday in Milan, after which they are planning to hold a press conference as well, the press chief said.

According to Mr Havasi’s information, Mr Orbán will head the first cabinet meeting on Wednesday, and on Friday he will deliver a speech at the funeral of Imre Kerényi, appointee of the Prime Minister, Kossuth and Jászai award winning director, theatrical director, university professor, publicist and holder of a number of other prestigious art awards, who passed away aged 75.

At the weekend the Prime Minister will travel to Kyrgizstan where he will attend the programmes of the World Nomad Games in the company of the leaders of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Uzkebistan.

Confirming the information released after the 15 July Orbán-Putin meeting, Mr Havasi said that Prime Minister Orbán will again meet with Russian head of state Vladimir Putin on 18 September in Moscow. On 19 and 20 September the Hungarian Prime Minister will attend the informal meeting of the European Council.

The opening ceremony of the Vojvodina Sports Academy in Topolya, Vojvodina, is planned to be held at the end of September. As expected, Mr Orbán will also deliver a speech at this event, the press chief said.

According to his information, the Prime Minister’s internal political calendar will also be busy in September. In Kötcse he will meet with key figures of the right-wing conservative Hungarian intelligentsia, and on 12 and 13, at a meeting of the Fidesz-KDNP alliance to be held in Velence, he will outline the challenges and tasks Hungary and representatives of the alliance are facing.