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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited a nursery school closed down during the Gyurcsány-Bajnai Governments

Thanks to the increasing number children and government grants worth HUF 60 million made available as part of the Hungarian Villages Programme, the ‘Forest of Tales’ Nursery School in Acsalag was reopened on 1 September 2021. At present, 18 pupils attend the school in a single group under the supervision of one child-carer and two teachers. Due to a rise in the number of children, this spring another three children will join the ‘Snail Group,’ Mr Havasi reported.

He said the Prime Minister visited the reopened nursery school in the company of Mayor Mrs András Szilágyi and government commissioner Alpár Gyopáros. Mr Orbán took presents to the children, and also spoke to the workers of the nursery school about the importance of the school in the village’s life.

The press chief recalled that the Hungarian Villages Programme started in 2019 with a budget of HUF 150 billion, in 2020, its allocation was already above HUF 210 billion, while in 2021 over HUF 270 billion was available in the programme. As expected, this year the amount of grants will be above HUF 300 billion. The total combined budget of the Hungarian Villages Programme, including the funds made available for 2022, amounts to almost HUF 1,000 billion.