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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Facebook statement after the meeting of the European Council

It’s one a.m. The first day of the meeting of the European Council just finished. The most important news is that we have defended the reduction of household energy bills. We managed to fight off the proposal of the Commission that would have banned the use in Hungary of oil coming from Russia. We have enough problems as it is, even without this; energy prices are sky high, inflation is high and due to the sanctions the whole of Europe is dancing on the brink of a global economic crisis. Under such circumstances, it would have been unbearable for us had we been compelled to operate the Hungarian economy with more expensive oil. This would have amounted to an atomic bomb, but we managed to avoid that. We have brokered a deal that says that the countries that receive oil via pipeline will be allowed to continue to run their operations under the old conditions. Families can sleep well tonight, we succeeded in warding off the most hair-raising idea.