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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s meeting with Marine Le Pen: We must protect the European people

At the meeting, the parties discussed the threats facing Europe, including the war in Ukraine and its economic consequences, the unprecedented rise in prices, Brussels’ flawed and dangerous sanctions policy and the intensification of the migration crisis.

Viktor Orbán and Marine Le Pen agreed that European parties representing traditional values must combine forces in order to protect the nations of the continent in a period of threats and wars. It has been ascertained that we cannot rely on Brussels bureaucrats and left-wing parties in the protection of the European people and families, they said.

The Hungarian Prime Minister informed the President of the National Rally about the measures announced by the Hungarian government this week which are designed to protect families, pensioners, jobs and the reduction of household energy bills even in the present prolonged war situation.

Marine Le Pen spoke about the taxation of extra profits introduced in Hungary in words of praise.