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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s statement on Facebook after an informal meeting of the European Council

I’m in Versailles, and it’s half past two in the morning. We’ve just finished our meeting, and we’ll continue tomorrow morning. The situation in the war between Ukraine and Russia is more than dramatic. We heard accounts from the French president and the German chancellor who had been in talks with President Putin. There’s a possibility that the military engagements will be protracted. We decided that Europe should also be involved in talks aimed at a ceasefire. We thanked both the President of France and the Chancellor of Germany for the strenuous attempts they’ve made to promote the restoration of peace. We also discussed economic issues. The most important issue has been settled in our favour: sanctions won’t be extended to the area of oil and gas, meaning that Hungary’s energy supply will continue to be guaranteed over the period ahead. We’ve accomplished this. We’ll continue tomorrow morning.