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Restarting of Hungarian economy is a priority

The Prime Minister said the whole country is fighting against the coronavirus epidemic, “but in the meantime, we must keep an eye on the economy, on the restarting of the economy”.

He said in the first phase of Hungary’s economic policy, foreign investors were invited to Hungary in order to create jobs and modern technologies.

In the second phase, the government set out to reinforce Hungarian small and medium-sized businesses to enable them to sell the products they manufacture in Hungary abroad, in the form of exports.

We have reached the third phase when these reinforced Hungarian businesses will set up enterprises and implement investments abroad, and will bring back home, to Hungary the profits they make over there; this is how we will restore the financial balance of the Hungarian economy, Mr Orbán said.

He added that this is why he travelled to Uzbekistan: to extend the business opportunities of Hungarian companies, and to give successful Hungarian businesses such as OTP and other medium-sized enterprises an opportunity to introduce themselves.