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Restrictions on movement to be extended indefinitely

The Prime Minister said they will assess the situation weekly, and will decide on any further extensions.

The government has also decided to grant mayors a special power which will enable them to create and introduce further special, restrictive regulations in relation to their own settlements for the duration of the Easter holidays, until midnight on Monday, the Prime Minister stated.

He also said, before the extension of the restrictions on movement, they heard mayors, consulted the police, spoke to disease control experts, and also asked scientists for their opinions.

They concordantly agreed that the restrictions imposed so far are meaningful and successful inasmuch as that they have slowed down the spread of the virus, Mr Orbán said.

In his statement, the Prime Minister asked people to observe the restrictive regulations, to avoid group gatherings, to maintain social distancing on public premises, and to pay particular attention to the elderly.

“Let us accept that this Easter will be different from the Easters we usually have,” the Prime Minister said, asking people “to take good care of one another” also at Easter.