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Security begins at our borders

In his speech, the Prime Minister told the border hunters taking their oaths: we respect your determination, courage and the fact that you agreed to carry out this task, we appreciate the service that you perform in the interest of our country. “A whole country is behind you,” he said.

He stressed that regardless of the obstacles that may mount before us, we must never give up the goal of making Hungary Europe’s safest country. This goal is threatened by migration, and warding off the dangers that arise from this threat continues to remain a primary responsibility for Hungary, he laid down.

The Prime Minister said since 2015 millions have arrived illegally in Europe from Africa and the Middle East in complete disregard for borders and laws. After the outbreak of the crisis, Hungary decided not to yield an inch on the issue of security, to protect its borders and to build a fence, he recalled.

Photo: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

He said the Hungarian border protection system works, withstands the waves of illegal migration, the police officers and soldiers serving at the border stood their ground and protected the security of the country. However, life has taken a turn and their service is now required elsewhere, this is why the Hungarian border hunter regiment has been established, he added.

He also told the attending border hunters that a good soldier fights not against those who stand before him, but for those who are behind him. This is especially true of border hunters, “you have the whole country behind you” and “it is your task” to protect the motherland against migration, he explained.

He observed that we are now compelled to face multiple challenges all at once such as the war, the energy crisis and the Brussels sanctions.

He said the Hungarian people want “Hungary to remain a Hungarian country;” however, ever more people want to cross our borders.

According to Mr Orbán, migrants must be made to understand that they cannot come through here. It is the duty of the border hunters to make them understand that, it is their duty to detain them and to firmly escort them out.