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Strict measures to be upheld for another month

The Prime Minister highlighted that the curfew between 8.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. will continue to remain in force.

“Regarding as to whether we will be able to make an exception on Christmas Eve – which we would all like – we will only be able to make a decision on 21 December in light of the situation at the time,” he said.

He added at the same time that 31 December will be no exception to the rules, meaning that New Year’s Eve parties and street celebrations will not be allowed this year.

He stressed that before adopting this decision, they had consulted with disease control specialists and scientists who had all concordantly recommended that the current strict measures be upheld.

“They said we need to be strict because there will be Christmas also next year, and at this time the priority is to make sure that we will also be around,” Mr Orbán said.

He confirmed that vaccination was the solution which was now well within reach. Registration will start on Tuesday through which everyone who wants to have themselves vaccinated can enrol.

“We are working for Hungary to be among the first to have access to a vaccine,” the Prime Minister stressed.

He said the cabinet is negotiating with everyone, and as part of these negotiations they are taking into consideration neither political issues, nor the interests of large competing international firms. The only thing that matters is that the Hungarian people should have access to the safest possible vaccines within the shortest possible time, he pointed out.

He also spoke about the targeted testing that has been ongoing for the past two weeks. He said last week Hungary was among the countries carrying out the most tests.

The Prime Minister said thank you to physicians, nurses and teachers for their work, and asked everyone to observe the disease control regulations.

“Let us take very good care of one another also during the holidays because every life matters,” Mr Orbán said in conclusion.