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Struggle on a European scale between values and cultures

At the informal exchange traditionally held as a private event Mr Orbán said that Hungary has enormous opportunities, but we are also facing grave threats. Among these threats migration is the gravest of all, but on this front “we are standing our ground successfully”.

The Prime Minister also said the elections in Austria and Italy had shown that today there are pro-immigration forces professing the supremacy of multiculturalism on the one side and forces opposed to immigration which represent the primacy of Christian culture on the other. The European Union has weakened a great deal because Brussels which represents a globalist, pro-immigration culture was unable to stop Brexit. The departure of the British people from the EU was a consequence of migration and the European cultural struggle, the Prime Minister pointed out.

According to Mr Havasi’s information, Mr Orbán also highlighted that the government had been given a great opportunity by the Hungarian people who “have given us strength to represent them”. We envisage our future in Europe and within the EU, but for us Hungary comes first, he stressed, adding that the Hungarian interest is the protection of national sovereignty and a Europe of equal nations. We have a homeland and we have a country, we will not hand it over to anyone, Mr Orbán said.