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The determination of one generation gives strength to the next

The Prime Minister highlighted that 15 March is not only a day of remembrance, but also a day of gratitude as the Hungarians of the day not only stood their ground in 1848-1849, “but we drew strength from their determination in 1956, and later in 1989-1990”.

“This is how a nation is built: the determination and heroism of one generation gives strength to the coming generations,” Mr Orbán stated.

He stressed that “this is the situation also today: we must not only save lives and fight off the virus, but with the successful management of the epidemic and courageous determination we must set an example for our children and grandchildren so that when they find themselves in trouble, they will have something to remember, how it was in 2021 when ‘our parents and grandparents stood their ground in a difficult situation’”.

“I sincerely hope that we will be able to leave our children something to remember,” the Prime Minister said concluding his video message.