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The political and legal power of the state will be mobilised against anyone who undermines the security of Hungary

In the letter dated last Friday, the Prime Minister was responding to a letter from the President of MAZSIHISZ. Mr. Heisler had asked Mr. Orbán to bring an end to a poster campaign targeting George Soros, because he thinks that it has the potential to arouse uncontrolled emotions, including anti-Semitic sentiments.

In his letter Mr. Orbán pointed out that “Illegal mass migration has brought Europe to the crossroads: either it protects its borders, it protects its culture dating back millennia, the security of its everyday life, its values of tolerance, religious acceptance and national diversity, and the rule of European law; or else it condemns itself to oblivion.”

Mr. Orbán’s letter to Mr. Heisler continued as follows:

“The vast majority of Hungarians believe that the answer given to the problem of illegal migration will determine the fate of Hungary and the European Union. The growing number of terrorist attacks and acts of violence are of particular concern to the Jewish community in Europe. At stake here and now are the lives of us all, and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

“You are also well acquainted with the Hungarian position: we are defending our country, the security of our families and our everyday lives, our accomplishments and our culture. Only the people of Hungary may decide who they shall and shall not live alongside. We alone may decide on our destiny.

“Anyone who uses their wealth, power, influence and a network of NGOs funded by them to settle millions of migrants in Hungary and the European Union is squandering our common future. On numerous occasions the billionaire speculator George Soros has made it clear that this is exactly what he wants.”

He stressed that as Prime Minister, vested with executive power by the Hungarian electorate, “it is my responsibility to protect our country and the citizens of Hungary. As long as I am Prime Minister, I shall devote all my strength to fulfilling my obligation”. He added that the Jewish community in Hungary can always rely on the protection of the Hungarian government.

The Prime Minister’s letter continues:

“The Hungarian standpoint is that illegal migration is clearly a matter of national security. We shall mobilise the political and legal power of the Hungarian state against anyone who undermines the security of Hungary, regardless of their origins, religious affiliation or wealth. In this regard you are surely opposed to my making any distinction between Hungarian citizens on the grounds of their origin.”

Mr. Orbán further highlights that, due to civilisational and religious differences, illegal migration is bringing a culture of intolerance and growing anti-Semitism into Europe. The Prime Minister closed by writing that “I do not expect either thanks or recognition for our fight against illegal migration, but a modicum of assistance from your community would be appreciated”.