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The strengthening of the Chinese economy presents great opportunities for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe

He added that, in the new world order now taking shape, the role of Asia and China has increased significantly, and will continue to increase in the future. China has also become a determining factor in terms of finance and technology, he said, and Central Europe welcomes this development.

Photo: Károly Árvai

He observed that there is enormous growth potential in the Central and Eastern European region. In order for it to be able to grow, the region also needs external technological and financial resources, but existing European resources are no longer sufficient on their own.

On behalf of the countries of the region the Prime Minister welcomed the fact that, as part of this new world order, China wishes to be present in the growth and development of the region.

Mr. Orbán described the cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe as an economic and trade success story. He pointed out that eleven EU Member States and five non-EU countries are taking part in the current cooperation scheme, and the key question is whether they can be involved in overarching long-term economic projects, investments and developments which will lead to the rise of the entire region.

Photo: Károly Árvai

From among these projects the Prime Minister made specific mention of the modernisation and development of the Belgrade–Budapest railway line, which in the future will have strategic significance in terms of freight traffic along the modern-day Silk Road within the One Belt One Road Initiative.