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Today the independence of Hungary and Poland continues to be exposed to fierce attacks

Bertalan Havasi, the Deputy State Secretary heading the Press Office of the Prime Minister, reported that Mr. Orbán wrote the following: “Please allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the Polish people on the one hundredth anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s sovereignty. The centenary of the proclamation of the Republic is a great cause for celebration for the entire Polish people, which we Hungarians wholeheartedly share in.”

The Hungarian prime minister went on to warn that “While today both our nations can proudly state that they have free and independent countries, the storms of history which surround us have not subsided; in fact, the waves are rising ever higher. Today the independence of Hungary and Poland continues to be exposed to fierce attacks.” He underlined that “We Hungarians and Poles are European nations with a past of a thousand years, and therefore we have always wanted a strong Europe that is proud of its history and its religious and cultural traditions. We know what it means to fight for freedom, and therefore insist on it – come what may. We are bound together by a genuine and altruistic friendship stretching back hundreds of years, thanks to which we have always been able to rely on each other’s support, as we can continue to do today.”

In his letter to his Polish counterpart, Mr. Orbán wrote in conclusion: “Please accept my congratulations on the one hundredth anniversary of Poland’s regained independence. Long live Poland, free and independent!”