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Viktor Orbán has completed consultations on the formation of his new government

The Prime Minister has proposed the following people for ministerial posts: Zsolt Semjén as Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Hungarian Communities Abroad, Church Affairs and Nationalities; Sándor Pintér as Interior Minister; Mihály Varga as Finance Minister; Tibor Benkő as Minister of Defence; Andrea Bártfai-Mager as Minister without Portfolio for National Assets; László Palkovics as Minister for Innovation and Technology; Gergely Gulyás as Minister heading the Prime Minister’s office; Antal Rogán as Minister heading the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister; László Trócsányi as Justice Minister; István Nagy as Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Péter Szijjártó as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade; Miklós Kaiser as Minister for Human Capacities; and János Süli as Minister without Portfolio for the Expansion of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

The statement asserts that, in accordance with the decision of the Hungarian people, Hungary’s new government will be a national government, which regards its primary tasks as follows: preserving the culture of Europe and Hungary, which is based on Christian values; defending the country’s borders; creating full employment; supporting the commitment to have and raise children; and honouring Hungary’s elderly citizens.