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Viktor Orbán is ready to hold discussions with parliamentary party presidents

Previously, President of Jobbik Gábor Vona said that only his party, together with the votes of the ruling parties, can secure the two-thirds majority required for the constitutional amendment, and he accordingly invited Mr. Orbán to hold a meeting with him.

Mr. Bertalan explained to MTI: “In the referendum on Sunday 98 per cent of people voted ‘no’ to mandatory relocation, leading to the establishment of a new unity in Hungary”. Repeating the Prime Minister’s earlier statements, he added that “This new unity goes beyond political parties and regards the protection of Hungary’s sovereignty and the rejection of the mandatory relocation quota being forced by Brussels as a national issue”.

The unanimous will of this 98 per cent majority also imposes an obligation on Hungary’s government, and this is why it has initiated the constitutional amendment; “this is based on the will of 3.3 million people”, he highlighted.

“This is more than the voter base of any party or coalition in the quarter of a century since the fall of communism in Hungary. Ninety-eight per cent represents a will of unprecedented strength, and this must also be mirrored in the decision of the National Assembly”, the Prime Minister’s Press Chief said.

“For this reason, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the President of Fidesz, is ready to hold discussions with the presidents of all political parties that have parliamentary groups. The Prime Minister has entrusted Fidesz Vice-President and Chairman of the Parliamentary Legislative Committee Gergely Gulyás to prepare the meetings”, Mr. Havasi told the press.