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Viktor Orbán’s statement on Facebook following an inspection of the Hungarian-Ukrainian border

Tarpa and Beregsurány. This is where we started today. In recent days these settlements, and some other neighbouring ones, have hosted thousands of refugees. The sense of unity is enthusiastic, broad and complete. We have volunteers, we have local government staff, we have the mayors, the police and disaster relief personnel. The Government is coordinating the work of them all, so that now refugees are being cared for in organised and orderly conditions. We have announced the 1357 helpline, and have launched one of the largest humanitarian operations in Hungary’s history. In the coming weeks we expect the situation to get even more difficult, but today I have seen that, with the strength of our unity, we will be able to handle greater pressures and greater burdens than we are facing today. All help is needed, no donation will go to waste, and not a single person in need will be left without help.