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Visegrád cooperation is passing the test with flying colours also during the pandemic

On 3 May in Poland, people commemorate the Constitution adopted in 1791 on this day.

“The pandemic is compelling us all to face grave challenges, and so at a time like this we especially need close cooperation and solidarity between our nations. I am happy to see that our Visegrád cooperation is passing the test with flying colours even during this difficult time,” Mr Orbán wrote.

He expressed his conviction that “with our joint efforts, we can contribute to strengthening Europe’s Christian heritage, reinforcing the continent’s security and competitiveness, and restarting our economies”. The Hungarian Prime Minister believes that they will be able to take effective action for their common interests also at a European level, and that “we Hungarians and Polish will be able to rely upon one another in hypocritical European debates in the future as well”.

“Looking forward to a meeting with you in person within the shortest possible time, I wish you much success and good health with your responsible job,” Mr Orbán concluded his message to the Polish Prime Minister.