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We are also fighting for victory of common sense

The Prime Minister underlined that important negotiations will take place at the Brussels summit starting on Thursday.

“Today we are fighting for the unity of our common continent, and what is even more important is that we are fighting not only for the victory of the European Union, but also for the victory of common sense because it is obvious that when our nations and so many millions of people are in real need because of the pandemic and because of its economic consequences, we have to behave reasonably, and find a way to reliable approaches and a victory for common sense,” Mr Orbán said.

He highlighted that preparations took much time, several weeks, but now “we are just an inch away from reaching a consensus”.

He stressed it is necessary to ensure that health care services related to the coronavirus pandemic are fully available to those who need them, and to provide financial assistance for the countries which are genuinely in need so that they can help their people.

“We have high hopes for today,” the Prime Minister said.

At the two-day meeting, the leaders of EU Member States will have talks, among others, about the EU’s seven-year financial framework, the post-coronavirus-pandemic recovery fund and the rule-of-law mechanism planned to be attached thereto, further coordination related to the pandemic, climate change, security and external relations.