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We cannot allow others to tell us how to live

At the officer inauguration ceremony of the Law Enforcement Faculty of the National University of Public Service, he highlighted that it is the duty and mission of the graduating officers to protect Hungary, and the security of Hungarian families and the Hungarian people. He stressed that there are big cities in Europe where people no longer feel safe. However, Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe where not only the majority, but every minority, too, can live in peace and security.

He said no one starts a career in law enforcement by chance. The fundamental values and motivations which induce a young person to enter into the service of their country first come from home; they receive them from their parents and grandparents. This is why it is important to have Hungarian families which raise their children to serve their country, he stated. He said a difficult task awaits those who are entering into the service of the country today, one that needs a full person both in body and in soul. Only strong and mature people can endeavour to serve their country, people who know what order, integrity and camaraderie mean, how valuable they are; people who agree to risk even their lives to comply with and to enforce the laws of our country, he said.

Photo: Szabolcs Zoltán Vadnai

According to the Prime Minister, the prospect of a safe future is important for them, and it is equally important that they continuously feel reassured that their country appreciates their work. However, the most important thing is that with their work they serve a higher cause that is more important than their own person and is above their own personal life. With this, they are joining the ranks of those who have for a thousand years maintained our Hungarian world, order, peace and the public security necessary for work and creation, or when it so happened fought to regain the security which constitutes the foundations of the economic growth of our country and the advancement of the Hungarian people, he said.

He took the view that hard work awaits the officers now graduating because in the past few years the world has changed radically. There are countries where those who wear uniforms are not respected or are treated as the enemy, and there are even places where leaders have openly taken sides with the troublemakers, he explained.

He stressed that Hungary is, however, not such a country. But trouble is not far off. Our Southern borders are being besieged by groups of migrants also at present, along with the people smugglers leeching off them, and the army of terrorists and radicals mixing in with them. We keep hearing news reports about brutal crimes committed by people who abused the trust of the country that gave them shelter, he pointed out.

He observed that even countries earlier believed to be rock solid can find themselves within seconds on the brink of chaos. Therefore, they must always remain alert, strong and determined.

Mr Orbán finally said thank you to the police for standing their ground during the waves of the epidemic.

One hundred and nine students of the Faculty of Law Enforcement of the National University of Public Service took their officer oaths before a copy of the Holy Crown and Hungary’s historical flags as part of a ceremony attended by the Prime Minister and the Police Command Staff in Kapisztrán tér in Buda Castle. The National University of Public Service informed the press that this period is significant in the life of the Faculty as in 2021 law enforcement higher education is celebrating its 50th birthday, and since the establishment of the University in 2012 officer candidates of the Faculty have taken their oaths for the tenth time.