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We do not want to take back anyone

At the meeting the two politicians agreed that Hungarian-Bavarian relations have never before been better. The two countries have succeeded in extending the wide ranging economic cooperation that exists between Hungary and Bavaria also to the area of the defence industry.

At their talks the two parties concluded that Christian democracy is faced with an enormous opportunity because it is becoming ever clearer for citizens that only the Christian democrats are able to protect jobs, borders and Europe’s cultural identity.

The two politicians also spoke about the issue of migration at their meeting. Mr Orbán stressed that the Hungarian position has been straight and sincere – even if inconvenient – right from the beginning. “Ever since 2015 we have represented the same position: the Balkans route leads through Greece, and therefore not a single asylum seeker first entered the territory of the EU in Hungary”.

Photo by Balázs Szecsődi

The Hungarian Prime Minister made it clear that “we are unable and unwilling to take back anyone, but we are ready at any time to help with transporting illegal immigrants back to Greece”.