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We face a watershed election

At Fidesz’s main event bringing the election campaign to a close, the Prime Minister said that everyone who wants to preserve Hungary as a Hungarian country must vote on Sunday, and must cast both their votes for Fidesz. This is the only safe alternative, he said; any other would be a gamble which could sweep Hungarians’ future into danger.

The countdown has begun, the Prime Minister and party president said, and “48 hours remain for us to take everyone to the polling stations”. He reminded his audience that “one person has two votes: millions of people, and many millions of votes”. In opposition to this, he said, are “many millions of dollars”, but he believes that the will of millions of Hungarians cannot be defeated by money.

Mr. Orbán called Sunday’s election a watershed, because in addition to choosing representatives, the country will be choosing a future: decades are at risk, the result will be final and irreversible, and all one could then do would be to live with the consequences. “The last time we stood at such a crossroads was in 1990, at the end of the communist system”, he said.

Photo: Gergely Botár

Today “others wants to take our country from us”, he declared, and those people want to install in government opposition parties which serve outside interests. They want to give power to opposition politicians in the pay of outsiders, he said, so that they will dismantle the fence, and accept the mandatory migrant resettlement quota handed down by Brussels; thus they would transform Hungary into an immigrant country, and then serve the financial and our interests of their patrons.

In his analysis, on Sunday the fate of the country will be irreversibly decided for many decades.

If the dam wall bursts, if the borders are opened, if immigrants enter the country, there will be no turning back, the Prime Minister said, adding that whether or not she would like to, even the German chancellor does not have the power to turn back the wheels of history.

Photo: Gergely Botár

Mr. Orbán declared that “Hungary is our homeland; we have no other. We must defend it and we must preserve it, because without it we will be homeless orphans, drifters in the wide world”.

According to the Prime Minister, one must tell everyone that “at last we have a future, and we have something to defend”. Of the dangers that exist, he said the greatest is immigration: “ we have built the border fence, we have defended the southern border, in Brussels we have rejected every proposal for migrant resettlement; but the danger has not passed, and they cannot wait to begin again”, he said, adding that there is 48 hours in which to once again tell everyone about this.

He said that everyone must be told that Brussels wants to resettle the first ten thousand immigrants in Hungary before the end of this year, that they have agreed a pact with everyone from Ferenc Gyurcsány to Gábor Vona, and that “we will have to provide for the migrants”. He added that wherever there is mass migration, women are in danger from violent attacks.

The Prime Minister thinks that in the final stages of the campaign matters have crystallised: “our choice is between two futures: one is offered by the candidates of Soros; the other is represented by the candidates of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats”. He stressed that in the important moments of the coming months and years every representative in Parliament will be needed.

Photo: Gergely Botár

He told his audience not to believe that they have already won and not to believe opinion polls, because it is not in opinion polls that victory is needed, but in the election on Sunday evening. “We have always had to work twice as hard for success as anyone else. And this will also be true on Sunday”, he said.

Regarding the campaign event itself, he said that “we have no intention whatever of finishing this election campaign today. On the contrary, we want to launch one last charge […] According to my favourite political philosopher, a certain Rocky Balboa, ‘Ain’t nothin’ over till it’s over’”.

The Prime Minister said that he remembers the 2002 election, “in which we were in the majority on Saturday, and we were in the majority again on Monday, but on Sunday itself there weren’t enough of us. That ended up costing Hungary eight years”.

Photo: Gergely Botár

In his view, however, this Sunday the governing parties will win. He noted that in recent years they have also won battles which at first sight seemed unwinnable. As examples he mentioned that they have set the economy back on its feet, “sent the IMF packing”, imposed taxes on banks and multinational companies, and given that money to families. They have reduced household utility charges, he said, moved from mass unemployment to building a work-based economy, defended pensions, paid pension premiums and ensured double-digit pay rises. They also halted the first wave of mass population movement, initiated a renaissance in nation-oriented thinking, arts and politics, and proved that the Christian culture and way of life are not things of the past; on the contrary, he said, “we can and must carry them with us into the future”. He stated that “It is with these victories under our belts that we line up for the fateful battle on Sunday”.

Mr. Orbán said that Fidesz-KDNP have never hidden their true intent, and in the future will continue to govern by strongly representing the nation’s desire for freedom and its aspirations for independence.

Photo: Gergely Botár

Explaining the choice of Székesfehérvár as the venue for the campaign event, he said that they wanted to stand where the Christian Hungarian kingdom was born and where Christian statehood started.

He concluded by saying that “we are bound together by our hearts, our memories and loyalty to our homeland. We are all Hungarians […] and as long as we stand together we will always win”.