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We have invested years in building friendship between Serbia and Hungary

“Your president and I have invested years in building friendship between Serbia and Hungary. This is a completely new approach that involves difficulties, but I believe we have convinced the majority of Hungarians and Serbians that the way of the future is cooperation between the two countries,” the Prime Minister stated.

“I’m a lucky man as I have a partner in this, the President of Serbia who gets down to action instead of just talking. I have spent sixteen years in office as prime minister in total, I know that many people just talk and talk about friendship and cooperation, but do nothing. Now, however, here is a president who is very fair, very determined, and takes action. We’re grateful to him,” Mr Orbán said about Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The Prime Minister said we remain isolated if we fail to create a North-South link between our countries. “It is my personal belief that if countries cooperate, we have a better chance of winning the future,” Mr Orbán stated.