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We have received exemption from gas price cap, we have succeeded in defending Hungary’s interests

Mr Orbán highlighted that the European Commission’s energy proposals had posed “the biggest threat” to Hungary.

“By adopting them, we would have risked gas supplies to Hungary being stopped within just a few days,” he wrote.

We managed to avert this threat, “Hungary did not remain alone, and so we managed to achieve a fair agreement,” he stated.

“We agreed that even if there will be a gas price cap in Europe, that will not affect the long-term agreements without which Hungary’s gas supply would become frustrated overnight,” the Prime Minister added.

He further reported that even if there were to be common gas procurement in Europe, that would not be mandatory for Hungary, and so “all procurement opportunities will continue to remain open”.

“This is important because we can only reduce the price of energy in our country if we have as many sources at our disposal as possible, if competition on the Hungarian energy market is as keen as possible,” Mr Orbán pointed out.