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We have succeeded in vaccinating more than 1 million people to date

In his vlog Vaccine Information Extra – Part 5, the Prime Minister said we have succeeded in vaccinating 1,002,714 persons so far, and with this, Hungary is far above the EU average, overtaking “serious and reputable” countries such as Germany and Austria.

The Prime Minister stressed that this was the result of the hard work of tens of thousands of people. For this, he said thank you to physicians, general practitioners, nurses, hospital porters, state administration workers, police officers and members of the military. He added that there are a great many women among them, and therefore, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, he especially thanked them for their efforts as “they carry two burdens on their shoulders; in addition to work, that of the family, too”.

He said a special thank you to Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller whom he wished much strength with her work.

The Prime Minister indicated that vaccinations would continue also in the days ahead, and further vaccine deliveries were expected as well.

He said vaccination will be swift and effective, and it is to be hoped that it will be swifter and more effective than in most EU countries.

“The situation is not easy, but we are now in the home stretch. Let us combine forces during the weeks ahead, and then we will succeed, together we will succeed,” the Prime Minister said concluding his message.

According to the table featured in the video, Hungary is ranked second, after Malta, among the countries of the European Union with a 10.26 per cent vaccination rate in relation to its population.