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We managed to enforce Hungarian interests at NATO summit

The Prime Minister said long negotiations had been brought to a conclusion, “it was a difficult delivery, but a successful one”.

“We managed to enforce the Hungarian position and the Hungarian national interests. Hungary will not send soldiers to Ukraine, they’ve accepted that Hungary won’t send weapons either, and arms deliveries bound for Ukraine likewise won’t be allowed to pass through the territory of Hungary,” he stated.

In his view, they managed to push this through because NATO’s common position is that the most important NATO goal is for the war not to spread beyond the borders of Ukraine under any circumstances.

He said therefore they also discarded the idea of the imposition of a no-fly zone. A no-fly zone over Ukraine would have amounted to an aerial war, he stressed, adding at the same time that this will not happen and this is good news for Hungary.

The Prime Minister further reported that a decision had also been made about the reinforcement of the Central European countries neighbouring Ukraine – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. He added that NATO forces would be deployed in these countries for defence purposes.

We are expecting them, Turks, Italians and Croatians are coming here, and US military personnel will also join them, Mr Orbán said, stressing that they together with the Hungarian Defence Forces will guarantee the peace and security of Hungary and the Hungarian people.