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We need crisis-proof public administration

At the ceremony, Gergely Gulyás, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office welcomed the heads of territorial public administration. After this, in his address the Prime Minister highlighted that Hungary needs a crisis-proof pubic administration as since 2010 Hungary has been affected by natural disasters, a pandemic and most recently the effects of a war.

Mr Orbán said very difficult times are coming; however, this government has proved that, in contrast to its opponents, it is able to handle challenges.

He stressed that due to the economic consequences of the prolonged war, “we must defend what we have,” meaning that we must work to preserve the results of the development achieved in the past few years.

“While you will no doubt be heading an office, rather than adopting the attitude of an authority, you will be required to treat people and their affairs in the spirit of partnership,” the Prime Minister finally told the freshly-appointed government adminstrators.