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We see embodiment of German-Hungarian friendship in Helmut Kohl’s person

Helmut Kohl was born on 3 April 1930, and served as chancellor from 1982 until 1998.

“Even three years after his passing, I vividly remember the meetings which I first had the opportunity to attend in Berlin, and later in your home in Ludwigshafen. With obligatory modesty, I look upon him as a master not only as a builder of European unity and a Europe of nations, but equally as regards the way he rendered the Christian democratic ideal and ideology the basis of his governance. Without his heritage, 21st century Christian democracy will not be able to revive and to achieve resounding results,” Mr Orbán said in his message, according to the information of his press chief Bertalan Havasi.

He added: “Beyond the personal gratitude I feel on account of the privilege of the meetings which made my life richer, I can reassure you that the Hungarian nation will always hold the great chancellor in the highest esteem who whilst adopting all decisions necessary for the reunification of the German people did not forget about the nations of Central Europe. In his person, to this day we Hungarians see the embodiment of German-Hungarian friendship.” I draw strength from his memory also during the testing events and tasks of the present time, the Hungarian Prime Minister wrote in conclusion.