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We stand for peace

Regarding the two-day NATO summit held in Madrid, the Prime Minister said critical issues are on the agenda, including the ever-worsening war situation in Ukraine, the food crisis, wartime inflation and the imminent economic crisis.

“Our position and the Hungarian interests are clear: we must be left out of this war,” Mr Orbán stressed in his Facebook video.

NATO is a defence alliance, the Prime Minister laid down, adding that therefore it is important that the alliance itself should not be dragged into the war.

In his words, we must make every effort to restore peace.

Only peace can bring an end to wartime inflation and the imminent wartime economic crisis, he highlighted. This is why they are urging a ceasefire within the shortest possible time and the commencement of peace talks.

Mr Orbán said “we proposed that at this time we place the restoration of peace at the centre of NATO’s efforts”. At the same time, peace also requires strength, he stated.

Mr Orbán mentioned it is for this reason that they announced that Hungary would raise its military expenditures to two per cent of GDP not in 2024 as planned, but one year earlier, already in 2023.

ACIf there is peace, then there will be economic prosperity again; if there is peace, there will be no inflation and the risks that are currently threatening Hungary’s security will come to an end, the Prime Minister said in conclusion.