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We will organise next week’s defence efforts in coming three days

In a video posted on his Facebook account, the Prime Minister said in the next three days they will work there. The reason for this is, he continued, that according to early Wednesday morning reports, as many as 429,000 refugees have arrived in Hungary to date.

The war is not abating, but extending, and as the war keeps extending, there is a threat that next week even more people might flee to Hungary, and this will present an enormous challenge for the country, the Prime Minister pointed out.

He added that the reason why this many people are coming is that people are now fleeing not only the prospect of war, but equally the war itself.

“We are proud that Hungary has been able to take care of every refugee so far. In the coming three days, we will organise next week’s defence efforts in order to maintain our continued ability to help every person in trouble,” the Prime Minister said.