All health care conditions are available for fight against virus in Hungary
26. 09. 2020.
The required number of hospital beds, medical equipment and staff are available in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said regarding the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in a video message posted on his Facebook account on Saturday morning.

After the morning meeting of the Operational Group, the Prime Minister highlighted that the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic had started in earnest in Hungary as well. He recalled that at the meetings of the Operational Group they regularly review hospital capacities, meaning whether there are enough hospital beds, equipment, ventilators, physicians and staff.

At the Saturday meeting, he was informed, he added, that they are all available, and while there are reserve disease control hospital capacities, there is as yet no need to draw on them.
The number of patients will probably rise, “and at some point we will have to open these as well, but at this time we have a safe quantity of reserve capacity,” Mr Orbán said.