Anna Dévény physiotherapist passed away
28. 06. 2017.

Dear bereaved family,
“The memory of a single good deed illuminates our legacy better than the flames of a thousand torches, and the unspoken blessings of our compatriots are a fairer ornament for our coffin than any coat of arms or order of merit.”

While reading these words written by Mór Jókai, we cannot help but be reminded of the power of good deeds and of a spirit which strives to improve the lives of others – especially the lives of children. Anna Dévény is an example to us all, and not just through her goodness, but also through her courage: once it was proven that her method worked, no resistance of any kind in the profession could deter her from using it to help as many people as possible.

I was shocked to hear that Anna Dévény, one of the most influential physiotherapists of recent decades, is no longer with us. Hungarian parents and their children have lost an irreplaceable treasure, but as she once said: she is passing on the flag she holds, but not the place she occupies. The results of her work and her intellectual legacy will remain with us, and the path she initiated will be continued by her students.
I offer my condolences and wish you much strength in the period ahead.

27 June 2017, Budapest

With my deepest condolences,

Viktor Orbán