Army personnel to be involved in enforcement of curfew
11. 11. 2020.
Army personnel will also be involved in the enforcement of the curfew that has been imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in a video message posted on his Facebook account on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister said he had consulted with Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and Defence Minister Tibor Benkő about the involvement of army personnel in the enforcement of the curfew and the maintenance of law and order, and wherever possible in the sharing of the burdens currently weighing on health care.

“This means that our soldiers will defend the country not in a war, but will assist the police, will assist central public administration and will also assist health care wherever, in the opinion of the interior minister and health care minister, this is required,” Mr Orbán said.

He added that they had succeeded in clarifying the relevant legal, human resources and financial conditions between the meetings of the Operational Group and the cabinet. However, at the cabinet meeting they will adopt a few more formal decisions, and he will then sign the decrees thereon.

Due to the coronavirus, there is a curfew in effect in Hungary between 8 in the evening and 5 in the morning.