Children’s sexual education is parents’ job
23. 06. 2021.
Children’s sexual education is their parents’ job under any circumstances; however, the fight against paedophilia is the duty of the state, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the German news agency dpa on Wednesday.

According to the report, the Prime Minister highlighted that it is the duty of the state to ensure the special protection of children’s physical well-being and mental health.

With this approach, Hungary is “somewhere in the middle between the European value canon and an open and tolerant European Union”.

Regarding the fact that the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) did not allow the Allianz Arena in Munich to be lit up with rainbow colours for the duration of the European Championship match between Germany and Hungary, he pointed out that “it’s not a state decision whether the Munich football stadium or another stadium in Europe is lit up with rainbow colours”.

He added that in Budapest, too, the rainbow colours “evidently form a natural part of life”.

He stressed that while during communism, homosexual people were persecuted in Hungary, “today the state does not only guarantee, but actively protects the rights of homosexuals” as individual freedom is a supreme value.

He said everyone must be given the right and freedom to decide how they want to live. This basic requirement is the “heritage of our freedom fight fought against dictatorship”.

“Never again must the freedom for which we ourselves fought in 1989 be restricted,” Mr Orbán stated.

He said “in an ideal, free world” women are equal to men without restrictions, there is no racism, anti-Semitism or homophobia, paedophilia is persecuted and punished with the full force of the law, the state guarantees the comprehensive protection of minorities, and the laws on the protection of minorities are among the most stringent in Europe.

“Wherever these ideals have not yet been fully implemented, men must actively fight for the equal rights of women, Christians must stand up against anti-Semitism and protect their Jewish compatriots, and heterosexual men must protect homosexuals against exclusion, attacks and discrimination,” Mr Orbán added.