Climate protection bill must be footed by climate-destroying large corporations
25. 05. 2021.
The climate protection bill must be footed by those large corporations that are responsible for destroying our climate, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Monday in a video he posted ahead of the two-day meeting of the heads of state and government of the European Union’s Member States.

In a video published on his Facebook account under the title ‘Brussels. To battle! We will protect Hungarian families,’ the Prime Minister said he and Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovics had arrived in Brussels. Over there, people are still required to wear face masks on public premises, he added.

Mr Orbán said when they talk about the pandemic, “Hungary mostly receives congratulations” as regarding the rate of vaccination in the whole of Europe, we are ranked first or second among EU countries. They will also talk about migration, but “what is even more important” is the issue of environmental protection and climate protection, he highlighted.

The Prime Minister stressed that Hungary belongs to the group which takes the view that the bill of climate protection must be footed by those large corporations that are responsible for destroying our climate. There is another group which would be more inclined towards the idea of making the people and families pick up the bill, he pointed out, observing that in the case of an average Hungarian family, this could amount to as much as HUF 20,000 a month.

“We can’t accept this, and support a solution which shifts the costs of defence onto those who are destroying our climate,” he pointed out.

“We are at the beginning of the battle,” Mr Orbán said, adding that he hopes that Hungary will eventually succeed in enforcing its interests.