Country to face most difficult two weeks of entire epidemic
25. 02. 2021.
The country is facing the most difficult two weeks of the entire coronavirus epidemic so far, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Thursday. In a video message posted on his Facebook account, Mr Orbán asked everyone to register for vaccination against the coronavirus, and to have themselves inoculated.

The Prime Minister said during the day he had met with “a group of medical scientists in possession of some very special knowledge,” mathematical epidemiologists who help us to understand the trends that health care phenomena turn into, meaning “what will happen to us in the coming days and weeks”.

“I have nothing but bad news. The situation is that we are facing the most difficult two weeks of the entire epidemic, the entire epidemic we have experienced so far. Due to the appearance of new mutations, the number of infections is increasing intensively, and will continue to increase,” he said.

He added that the pressure on hospitals will be greater than ever before. We will need every physician, every nurse, every ventilator, the Prime Minister said.

Mr Orbán asked everyone to try to observe the rules published by the Operational Group with maximum discipline in their own lives.

“We are racing against time,” he stressed. He said if many people register, if many people enrol for vaccination, if many people have themselves vaccinated, this period will be shorter; if few people register, if few people have themselves vaccinated, the period bringing about great pressure will be longer.

“I’m asking everyone to register, and to have themselves vaccinated,” the Prime Minister said.