Dangerous proposals on NATO’s table
22. 03. 2022.
There are dangerous proposals on NATO’s table, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated after his talks with President of the European Council Charles Michel on Monday.

Mr Orbán said “last week wasn’t easy, but this week will be even more difficult: NATO and EU summits in Brussels”.

He said “there are dangerous proposals on NATO’s table”. There are Member States that repeatedly suggested a no-fly zone should be imposed over Ukraine. “NATO is, however, a defence alliance,” the Prime Minister pointed out, adding that “we are able and have the capacity – in fact, it is our duty – to defend each other, but it is no business of NATO to engage in military campaigns outside the territory of NATO”.

“Hungary’s position is clear: we want to send neither soldiers nor arms to beyond NATO territories,” he stated.

The other proposal he will have to grapple with is the issue of the supply of Russian gas and oil, said Mr Orbán, observing that they already managed to settle this issue ten days ago for the duration of ten days when they made it clear that the sanctions cannot be extended to the importation of Russian gas and oil because in the case of Hungary and some other EU Member States that would impose “disproportionately, unbearably great burdens”.

“They would hurt us more than Russia, the country the sanctions are meant to target,” the Prime Minister observed, adding that “together with some countries we will stand up, and will again defend Hungary’s energy supply and the security of the functioning of the country”.