Decisions expected to be announced on Monday
03. 12. 2020.
On Monday, a decision is expected to be announced regarding the measures that will replace the restrictions expiring on 11 December and the rules that will apply to the Christmas holidays, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook on Thursday.

In the recording, the Prime Minister recalls that the restrictive measures adopted earlier will cease to have effect on 11 December. “We would like to make decisions at the meeting of the Operational Group on Monday morning, at the latest. We will also have to make decisions about the rules relating to Christmas and New Year’s Eve; about how we should celebrate, how we will be allowed and how we won’t be allowed to be together,” he said. He added that well-founded decisions will be required. Earlier today, he consulted with the same disease control experts that had assisted the government’s work so far. “We have started consultations, and I will continue them tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Decisions are expected to be announced on Monday,” Mr Orbán said.