Effective political leadership is a pre-condition of a successful fight against the pandemic
11. 03. 2021.
Effective political leadership is a pre-condition of a successful fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated at his joint meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The main topic of the summit held in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“If there is leadership, there is a chance of success,” Mr Orbán underlined.

He pointed out that, together with his Czech counterpart, he travelled to Israel to understand how the country has become “a champion of the fight against the pandemic,” and how Hungary can follow in its footsteps.

Photo: Zoltán Fischer

The Prime Minister recalled that the friendship of Hungary and Israel was very much a living friendship, and proof of this is the fact that the volume of trade between Israel and Hungary increased even last year, while the volume of world trade decreased by several per cent.

He highlighted that the Israeli government, together with the Hungarian government, supported an Israeli investment, the purpose of which is to manufacture ventilators in the territory of Hungary.

Mr Orbán observed that they had learned that, in the midst of a pandemic, it was better to be a supplier, than a buyer of such equipment.

Photo: Zoltán Fischer

The Hungarian Prime Minister highlighted that the world is full of uncertainty, and many claim that the future will see an age of pandemics.

By his account, in the interest of the implementation of more effective measures against the pandemic and in preparation for the future, the Israeli Prime Minister proposed that Hungary should also join a common international effort, the purpose of which is to build facilities in the territory of Israel which will facilitate the development of vaccines and medicines in the future.

The parties additionally agreed that Hungary will join an international initiative proposed by Israel about a regime of “green cards” that certify vaccination.