EP elections – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announces programme to stop immigration
07. 04. 2019.
At an event in Budapest on Friday entitled “Parliamentary Salon”, the Fidesz-KDNP alliance introduced its programme for the upcoming election to the European parliament (EP). As part of this Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a seven-point programme to stop immigration.

The programme states the following:

responsibility for dealing with migration must be taken away from Brussels bureaucrats and given back to national governments;

no country should be forced to take migrants in against its will;

no one without valid documentation should be allowed into Europe;

migrant bank cards and migrant visas must be eliminated;

no more money should be given to organisations associated with George Soros which assist immigration, and the money should instead go towards reimbursing the costs of border protection;

no one in Europe should be discriminated against for declaring themselves to be Christian;

EU institutions should be led by people who are opposed to immigration.

He said that these are the points which are essential for stopping immigration and preserving Christian culture. He also asked voters to support this programme with their signatures.

He stressed that the Brussels elite’s power bid must be curbed and immigration must be stopped.

Fotó: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

The Prime Minister described what is at stake in the EP elections: the very existence of our Christian civilisation; whether the EU will have pro-immigration or anti-immigration leaders; whether Europe will continue to belong to Europeans, or be given over to masses coming from different civilisations; and whether we will protect our Christian European culture, or submit to multiculturalism.

Mr. Orbán also highlighted that today the main cause of dissatisfaction with the European elite is its management of migration. He said that this is not a simple migration crisis, but a mass population movement, the main cause of which is that far more children are being born outside Europe than are being born in Europe. Therefore, he observed, the main cause of the migration crisis is not external but internal: “The reason more children are not being born in Europe is that our continent is struggling with cultural discord and identity crisis.”

Fotó: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

He further stressed that Europe would be able to stop mass migration if it had the will to do so, but it has not even made such an attempt: on the contrary, the EU’s present leadership supports and encourages migration.
He also objected to the fact that in Brussels no one focuses on family policy, but every day one hears about the importance of legal migration, and that “In fact the programme for legal migration is the code name for a European population replacement programme. This is what we are up against in this election.”

The Prime Minister declared that “we Hungarians have lived here in the Carpathian Basin for a thousand years […] we want to stay here for at least another thousand years, guarding our borders”. He added that “We want the coming generations – our children and grandchildren – to be just as free to decide on their lives as we are to decide on ours.”
The Prime Minister also spoke about the relationship between Fidesz and the European People’s Party (EPP), declaring that “our future will be decided not by the European People’s Party, but by us ourselves”. He went on to say that that the direction the EPP will take will become clearer after the elections, but at the moment it seems to be heading towards the left, in a liberal direction, in the direction of liberal European empire-building and a Europe of immigrants. He reassured his audience that “If this is the direction it takes, you can rest assured that we shall not follow.”

Fotó: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Commenting on EPP group leader Manfred Weber’s recent statements, he said that they “give a jolt to the spirits and national self-esteem”, adding that “No wonder more and more people are succinctly saying and writing what our direction should be: out.” The Prime Minister asked for patience, however, pointing out that his party will make a decision at the right time, and based on Hungary’s national interests.

In his address he described outgoing European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as an orthodox socialist, who “bears decisive responsibility for Brexit, the migration invasion and the increasingly serious conflict between Central and Western Europe.”

The Prime Minister stated that “there is a malfunction in the apparatus of the Brussels elite,” as in Brussels there is a “bubble”: a virtual world which refuses to take realities into account. He explained that “This is how Mr. Weber – a Bavarian Catholic, incidentally – can continually affront the Hungarian people. A Bavarian from Brussels might do something like this, but you can be sure that a Bavarian from Munich never would.”

He highlighted that Hungary has had disputes with Brussels for the past nine years, and these are always about the fact that the Hungarian government is not prepared to do what Brussels dictates if it is not good for the Hungarian people.

Mr. Orbán summed up the result of the Juncker Commission’s five years in office as follows: “The British are leaving, but the immigrants have been arriving”.

He also criticised plans for a “United States of Europe”, which he described as the Brussels elite’s bid for power over the nation states that constitute Europe.

Mr. Orbán quoted statistics from a European survey conducted by the Hungarian think tank Századvég. These show that the EU’s population has lost faith in the possibility of coming generations having a better life than the current generation. “The European dream is broken”, he said, noting that the pessimists’ camp in Western Europe is much larger than it is in Central European countries. He also quoted the finding that a majority of people – 80 per cent in Hungary – say that Christian culture and traditions must be preserved.

He noted that the people of Europe do not want immigration, but that this is exactly what is wanted to by the Socialists’ Spitzenkandidat Frans Timmermans – one of whose statements on the topic he dismissed as a Marxist-socialist message. “It’s understandable for Messrs Juncker and Timmermans to be hand in glove, but we have to ask ourselves how Manfred Weber of the People’s Party could be in cahoots with someone like this,” he said.

He concluded by exhorting his audience to vote on 26 May, and “go out and show Brussels, show it that the final say will not come from the shadowy offices of Soros-style NGOs and Brussels bureaucrats, but always from citizens in the polling booths.”