Everyone’s opinion matters
22. 02. 2021.
On Monday, in a video posted on his Facebook account, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán encouraged everyone to complete the consultation questionnaire regarding the reopening of the country after the coronavirus lockdown.

The Prime Minister said “this moment has finally arrived: we are now able to conduct a meaningful consultation about the circumstances amidst which we can lift the restrictions introduced due to the virus situation. We have all had enough of it, we want to rid ourselves of the restrictions.”

According to Mr Orbán, the voice and opinions of disease control experts will be decisive regarding the question of when the restrictions could finally be removed. However, everyone’s opinion matters regarding the circumstances amidst which, how and in how many stages the restrictions should be lifted.

“Therefore, I’m asking everyone to complete the consultation questionnaire,” said the Prime Minister who completed the consultation questionnaire on a tablet he was holding.