Face masks outdoors on public premises outdoors any more
23. 05. 2021.
We have reached five million Hungarian inoculated citizens, and therefore the Operational Group decided that from Saturday face masks will not be required on public premises outdoors any more, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in a video message posted on Facebook.

The Prime Minister said this decision means that “we can wave goodbye to face masks, we can bid farewell to them. This is the end, run with it.”

The Prime Minister recalled that they had been saying for months that “if we want to get our normal, healthy and joyful life back, we can defend ourselves successfully against the virus with the vaccine”.

“We have now achieved that goal,” Mr Orbán stated, and he then said thank you to everyone for their contribution to the process, including those who agreed to have themselves vaccinated.

The Prime Minister asked those who had not yet received the vaccine to have themselves inoculated.

“Dear Mask, Goodbye,” Mr Orbán concluded his video message.