Free Internet for students participating in digital education
16. 11. 2020.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has signed the government decree based on which students participating in digital education will be able to use the Internet free of charge.

On Saturday, in a video message posted on Facebook, Mr Orbán spoke about the measure whose purpose it is to help families involved in digital education. The government decree lays down that cable Internet access services will be available free of charge for thirty days for persons engaged in a legal relationship with any secondary school changing over to digital education outside the classroom introduced in public education, vocational training, any other full-time education and vocational education. “In other words, this means that those who are participating in digital education and are therefore using the Internet for the purpose will be able to use Internet services free of charge during this period. There will be a debate about this with the service provider companies, but at this time it is important to give families assistance in this form,” the Prime Minister said. Mr Orbán asked young people not to regard digital education as some kind of vacation, but to continue studying.