Future of Hungarians lies in communities proud of their past, confessor ancestors and values
29. 01. 2022.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted the bishop consecrating congregation of the Unitarians in a message; István Kovács, who was elected last year, will be consecrated at the Saturday afternoon church service in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Bertalan Havasi, the Deputy State Secretary heading the Press Office of the Prime Minister informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

In his message, the Hungarian Prime Minister recalls “the old truth” that it is not the size of the source of light that matters, but its strength.

“It was an uplifting moment for the entire Hungarian nation when nine years ago the Hungarian Unitarian community torn into two in Trianon professed its unity again, proving that what enemy powers, distorted ideologies and human fallibility separate from each other can be united again by common faith and the command of our cross-border national cohesion even after nine decades,” the Prime Minister wrote.

Mr Orbán wished the new bishop that he may be a brave guard and multiplier of the cultural and spiritual heritage conceived in the midst of serious trials which has been created in the past five centuries by the Unitarians, the only Hungarian-founded historical denomination of Christianity.

He expressed his conviction that also today the future of the Hungarian nation lies in communities proud of their past, confessor ancestors and values, the members of which have the courage, despite the pressure of anti-nation and anti-church forces, to stand up for following the example of Jesus, for respect for the created world, life and the family, and for the individual’s responsibility and freedom of conscience, whilst teaching their children the same.

At the end of his message, Mr Orbán wished all newly elected leaders of the church a blessed service, and the cross-border love community of Unitarians decades rich in faith and prosperity, Mr Havasi reported.