Government accepted Fidesz Group’s initiative regarding national consultation
29. 09. 2022.
At its Wednesday meeting, the government accepted the Fidesz Group’s initiative: we will launch a national consultation about the sanctions, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on his Facebook account after the Wednesday cabinet meeting.

“I ask everyone to state their opinion because we can only put an end to the rise in energy prices with common action,” the Prime Minister said.

According to Mr Orbán’s information, the cabinet meeting has been ongoing since this morning; they are primarily dealing with the issue of energy prices.

“Brussels forced the energy sanctions upon the Member States, and since then energy prices have been sky-high. When this happened, in Brussels they promised that the sanctions would bring the war to an end and would hurt the aggressor more than the Member States of the European Union,” the Prime Minister said.

Instead, today, in actual fact, every citizen of Europe is paying a sanction surcharge for energy, Mr Orbán stated.