Head of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill congratulated Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
17. 05. 2022.
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia sent a message to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in which he congratulated him on his re-election as prime minister.

“You are one of the few European politicians who in your activities pays much attention to the issues of supporting Christian values, strengthening the institution of traditional family and the rules of public morality,” the head of church wrote in his message also posted on his website.

He added he is aware that the Hungarian prime minister is an active defender of persecuted Christians in the Middle East and in African countries. In his message, Patriarch Kirill also wrote in words of praise about the fact that in the past few years Hungary and the Russian Orthodox Church have established good relations. He highly appreciates Mr Orbán’s care and attention to the needs of the Hungarian diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate, which with the full assistance of the authorities is successfully restoring and building Orthodox churches, including the Dormition Cathedral in Budapest, “an architectural jewel of the capital”.