Hindering decisions with political debates is entirely unreasonable
10. 12. 2020.
“In the midst of a pandemic, in times of economic trouble, hindering decisions with political debates is entirely unreasonable,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in a video posted on his Instagram account on Thursday.

Minutes before the start of the “last talks” in Brussels, Mr Orbán said at this time we must provide help for those who need it. “This is what common sense dictates, this is what we must strive for now,” he said, adding that “there is only one thing left for me to do: it’s time to enter the dragon’s lair”.

The Prime Minister said “we have completed all negotiations, we have conducted all preparatory talks. We have gathered together all our friends, and have neutralised our enemies.”

Mr Orbán highlighted it is to be hoped that the final outcome will equally serve the best interests of Hungary and Poland and those of the whole of the European Union. He added that we sincerely hope above all that “common sense” will prevail.