Hungarian-Croatian disputes have no impact on minority affairs
26. 11. 2018.
The Prime Minister’s press chief has informed the Hungarian news agency MTI that in the Parliament Building on Monday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received Róbert Jankovics, President of the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia (HMDK).

According to Mr. Havasi, at the meeting the parties noted that, despite the historical friendship between the two countries, there are some disputes between Hungary and Croatia. Nevertheless, these have no impact on the situation of the Hungarian and Croatian national minorities in the two countries – thanks in large part to the activities of the HMDK. Mr. Orbán and Mr. Jankovics reviewed the status of projects implemented with the Hungarian government’s assistance within the HMDK’s regional and economic development strategy, and discussed further development plans.

The press chief said that they focused on the following projects: renovation of the Calvinist church in Szentlászló/Laslovo; the development of a school farm and youth centre in Kopács/Kopačevo; and the Eszék/Osijek Hungarian education and cultural centre, where Hungarians have access to education in their mother tongue from nursery school to the final year of secondary school.

At the meeting Mr. Jankovics expressed the hope that some time next year the Hungarian prime minister will be able to personally attend the inauguration of a priority project of the Hungarian community in Croatia.