Hungarians have an interest in Slovenians doing well
12. 05. 2018.
In Slovenia on Friday, attending a campaign event of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungarians have an interest in the Slovenians doing well and being a rich and happy people, as that is something that Hungarians will also benefit from.

In his speech the Prime Minister referred to the illegal immigration situation in 2015, predicting that it was only the precursor of what the future holds. Tens of millions aim to travel from Africa to Europe, he said, and they will continue to come for as long as Europe fails to defend itself and sends out invitations to those wanting to set out, and for as long as they see the slightest chance of their entering Europe. Unless we Europeans focus our attention on this, he warned, we may lose our countries.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Mr. Orbán affirmed the desire for a strong Europe, for peace in Europe and for agreements in the EU which are mutually advantageous. But when “Europe surrendered to illegal immigration”, he said, there was an overnight change in attitude towards the joint work that had gone before.

He recalled that at that point the countries of Central Europe were obliged to speak out – not only in the interest of their own nations, but also in the interest of Europe; they needed to warn that the process would end badly, because if Europe surrenders, the continent will be lost. “We are compassionate, Christian people”, he stated, adding that “we must help, but not by destroying our own countries”. Instead, he explained, help must be taken to where it is needed, rather than bringing the problems to Europe.

Mr. Orbán also said that Slovenia faces important decisions, and these cannot be left to “little parties that have come from nowhere”, or to people who are known to have “jumped out of the coat pockets of Marx and Lenin”. With reference to the latter, he declared it to be “shameful that there are leaders in Europe today who pay homage to the memory of Marx”.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

He stressed the need for “experienced and battle-hardened warriors” who “are not afraid of their own shadows”, as well as strong and stable political communities which are able to build a strong and stable country. He described the SDS as one such party, adding that if SDS leader Janez Janša wins, his party will guarantee the survival of the Slovenian nation and ensure that the Hungarian and Slovenian peoples continue to be good neighbours.

On behalf of the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance the Prime Minister wished the SDS success in the upcoming Slovenian general election. He advised the party to continue fighting until the last minute, because “what must be won are not opinion polls, but the election”.

In his view, like the Hungarians, the Slovenian people have also reached one of the most important elections in their history: they face a decision perhaps more important than any since their country declared its independence.

He thanked Slovenians for having treated Slovenia’s Hungarian minority well in recent years, and he promised that the Hungarians will also treat the Slovenian minority in Hungary with fairness and respect.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Manfred Weber, parliamentary group leader of the European People’s Party (EPP), said that today migration is Europe’s greatest problem, and in this regard the EPP sees defence of the external borders as an important condition. He stated that this is something that should not only be talked about, but also acted upon. This is what has happened in Bulgaria, and what Mr. Orbán has done in Hungary, he said, and for this they deserve support from Brussels, rather than criticism. He added that once border protection is in place, Europe must then help those in need; but the continent’s primary concern must be the steadfast defence of its borders.

As Mr. Weber sees it, the most important foundation for the EPP is a Christian Europe. Diversity in Europe is good, he pointed out, but the common thread running through Europe is that in every settlement there is a Christian church.

According to Mr. Weber, the EPP is “the party of national pride”, and it proclaims that national and European identities can exist side by side.

He said that the only response to the countless challenges present today is a united Europe in the globalised world. This, he noted, also requires a strong government in Slovenia: one which is led by Janez Janša. He confirmed the EPP’s support for him as Slovenia’s next prime minister.

In a welcome address, Hristijan Mickovski, leader of the conservative Macedonian party VMRO-SPMNE, said that things can always get better, and Slovenia deserves to do better. He stressed the need for strong leaders in order to ensure continuous growth, pointing out that Janez Janša and the SDS are able to provide just that. Mr. Mickovski added that an SDS victory will make Slovenia a strong and open country again, the changes in Slovenia will lead to change in the entire region, and Slovenia is strong enough to play a leading role in the region.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Mr. Janša said that for his party the Slovenian nation comes first, and it will not accept the policy of inviting in migrants from foreign civilisations.

The SDS leader thanked Mr. Orbán for his support, and for the assistance provided for the Prekmurje/Muravidék region and the Slovenian minority in Hungary. He also said that the Hungarian prime minister has set an example for how to defend Europe.

An early parliamentary election will be held in Slovenia on 3 June.